At Spring Eye Associates, we place the utmost importance on your eye health. Contact lenses are generally considered a safe alternative to glasses. However, contact lenses are medical devices regulated by the FDA. Improper wear, handling, or care of contact lenses can lead to serious eye damage including blindness.
The following is an abbreviated list of the main causes of contact lens complications:
  • Stretching contact lens wear (wearing a lens longer than it’s FDA approved use)
  • Reusing contact lens solution
  • Use of solutions other than those prescribed by your doctors (i.e. generic solution)
  • Not keeping your contact lens case clean
  • Not adhering to regularly scheduled contact lens check-ups as prescribed by your doctor
In recent years, sources for obtaining soft contact lenses other than your doctor’s office have become common. Online stores, warehouse clubs, big box retailers, department stores, etc. all regularly advertise low prices for popular brands of contacts. This can give the impression that contact lenses are nothing more than a commodity, however, someone who has experienced the pain of a corneal infection may feel differently…
On the other hand, we do want our patients to enjoy the cost savings alternative dispensers can afford. As such, Spring Eye Asdsociates has developed a new contact lens policy to make our fitting fees and contact lens prices transparent. This allows us to offer our patients the premium care provided by our doctor and lens prices that are extremely competitive with alternative sources for contact lenses. You can compare our prices by visiting WWW.SPRINGEYEASSOCIATES.COM  and clicking on the link to our contact lens store on our website home page.
Advantages to purchasing contacts at SPRINGEYEASSOCIATES.COM  are:
  • Manufacturer’s rebates included in your order
  • Free shipping with annual supply purchase
  • Replacement of torn or lost lenses
  • Exchange of lenses if prescription changes within one year of purchase, (unopened boxes)
  • Warranty – The SPRING EYE ASSOCIATES Warranty & Store Policy applies in cases when you purchase contact lenses or contact lens services from Spring Eye Associates Associates, online or in-store. When you purchase contact lenses, or contact lens services with your insurance or vision plan, their individual policies and /or warranties may apply.
If for some reason you are not able to utilize our online store, lenses are still available through the practice at our in-store competitive price
While the majority of contact lenses today are of the Soft variety, Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP), specialty soft, and hybrid RGP/soft lenses are sometimes used. Most contact lenses generally fall under the following categories:
  • SPHERICAL CONTACT LENS: corrects nearsightedness and farsightedness
  • TORIC CONTACT LENS: corrects astigmatism as well as nearsightedness and farsightedness
  • MONOVISION: used for presbyopia (loss of near vision with age) in which one eye is corrected for distance and one eye corrected for reading / near vision, may be done with spherical or toric lenses
  • MULTIFOCAL CONTACT LENS: used for presbyopia, near and far vision are corrected
Your doctor and you will discuss which type of contact lenses are appropriate for you during your complete eye exam.
Spring Eye Associates has developed a new contact lens policy to make our fitting fees and contact lens pricing transparent. We encourage you to purchase your contacts from our online store (once your prescription is finalized). . Check it out here: