Medical and Vision Exams at Spring Eye Associates

Dr. Wallace performs a COMPREHENSIVE MEDICAL eye examination on all his patients.

He will examine the eye to determine the presence of any vision problems and deliver treatment options in the form of glasses and or contact lenses.

The medical portion of the eye exam will include: Documenting your medical history; Visual acuity testing; External examination (eyelids, tear duct systems, areas around the eye); Eye muscle examination; Visual field examination; Binocularity testing (how well both eyes work together) Blood pressure measurement; Color vision assessment ; Slit lamp examination (looking closely at the outer and inner part of the eye with a a special microscope); and Tonometry (measurement of your intraocular pressure).

A Retinal Scan will be done of the eye to better examine and document the condition present. Dr. Wallace may need to dilate the eye to take a closer look at a potential problem in the eyes. Some tests may involve an additional cost.

Based on our contract with your insurance provider, we reserve the option of billing your medical or vision insurance depending on the services rendered as well as conditions diagnosed.

If you have questions, one of our friendly office associates will be happy to provide further assistance.


As “windows of the body,” the eyes can reveal the presence of diseases in the brain or another part of the body. The eyes themselves can become diseased. For this reason, total eye care is best provided by a yearly comprehensive medical eye examination. Vision is one our most important senses.