Spring Eye Associates is continually investing in state-of-the-art equipment and the newest diagnostic technologies.  We all go through rigorous ongoing training to insure that we are doing everything we can to improve our patients vision and quality of life. We are the destination for  patients who required specialized vision correction, primary eye care or diagnostic services.


When you visit our office for a routine examination or for a new prescription you will be confident that the results from your eye exam are 100% accurate. The Huvitz DRS-7000 from Veatch Instruments is an integrated digital refraction system that exceeds our expectation for consistency and accuracy.  It is an example of the new “Smart Technology” on the market today. The DRS-7000 has the capability of allowing us to make an immediate comparison between your current refractive error, your old prescription and your new prescription. In this way you can actually see the improvement in vision that your new glasses or contacts will provide before we make them for you. Best of all the process is completed quickly saving you time, a precious commodity in today’s fast pace world.  When you are satisfied, the results of your testing are downloaded automatically into our secure electronic medical record.


Lensometers have evolved into computerized instruments we use to determine the power of a lens. They are very handy to have around because we can determine the Rx of your old glasses even if you don’t have your old records. We also use our lensometers to double check your new glasses when they come in to make sure they meet our stringent criteria.

The way the lensometer works is that it shines a pattern through the lens. Each Rx will distort the patterns in its own particular way. The computer inside then matches the resulting distortion to the correct Rx and provides a written copy of what your glasses are.


This technology allows us to capture real-time color images of the front and back of the eye and the surrounding structures. These high resolution digital images can then be arranged or enhanced to better diagnose and document the treatment of such conditions as Keralitis, Corneal Ulcers, Corneal Abrasions, Irititis, Uveitis diabetes, glaucoma, hypertension and Cataracts.


An Autorefractor is a machine used to quickly measure a persons refractive error and prescription for eye glasses or contact lenses. This is achieved by measuring how light is changed as it bounces off the back of  a person’s eye. The automated refraction technique is quick, simple and painless. The patient takes a seat and places their chin on a rest. Using one eye, they look into the machine at a picture of a hot air balloon. The picture moves in and out of focus as the machine takes readings to determine when the image is on the retina. Several readings are taken which the machine averages to form a prescription. No feedback is required from the patient during this process. The Keratometer is used to determine the shape of the cornea. It does this by looking at the reflection of light off of the cornea at sixteen different points. These measurements are used to diagnose conditions such as Astigmatism, Keratoconus, Corneal Scarring and Corneal Distortion.  A Keratometer is commonly used to fit contact lenses as well. The accuracy of this combined instrument allows us to have a viable starting point in determining your spectacle and contact lens prescription.A new addition to any of the Huvitz Digital Refraction Systems is the HRK-7000AW abberometer with WaveForm’s Optimized Wavefront Refraction (OWR). It can easily generate objective baseline wavefront refractions and eliminate patient confusion experienced from conventional refractions.


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